• Think College is an initiative of the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) at the University of Massachusetts Boston. ICI has been a leader in the area of postsecondary education for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities for over ten years. The Think College website is designed to provide resources and strategies for students, families, and professional.
  • Going To College is a resource for teens with disabilities.
  • Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities is a pamphlet, provided by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) in the U. S. Department of Education, explains the rights and responsibilities of students with disabilities who are preparing to attend postsecondary schools.
  • Heath Resource Center is an online Clearinghouse On Postsecondary Education for Individuals with Disabilities
  • DRS Regional Offices A list of Department of Rehabilitation Services regional offices, and counties served.
  • Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities Scholarships and fellowships for students with disabilities. Be sure to browse the rest of the site also, since some of the more general listings and scholarship databases may contain information relevant to students with disabilities.
  • Project Search provides education, development, and job opportunities at Vanderbilt to people with disabilities. The goal of Project Search is to fill a business need with qualified people who have developmental disabilities.
  • TennesseeWorks is a statewide partnership of agencies and organizations with one goal: to increase the number of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) who are employed in the state. The TennesseeWorks website is an online resource for those in our state committed to that goal. You’ll find comprehensive information, trainings, videos, success stories, and many other resources to equip, inform, and inspire your work.
  • Transition Tennessee is a website that shares resources to prepare transition-age youth with disabilities for life after high school. It is organized into different sections for educators, for providers, and for students.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Services provides a coordinated set of transition services and activities to students with disabilities so they can be ready to embark on achieving their employment goals after high school or graduation from an IHE program.
  • Accredited Online Colleges is a general information website with resources useful to all people looking to further their education. The site discusses the offline and online educational paths one can follow to obtain a degree from an accredited institution. Online postsecondary education is an alternative or supplementary option for individuals with disabilities not taking part in on-campus postsecondary education programs.


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