IHE Program Employment

In Tennessee

Open Position at University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Job posting: Aug 7, 2017)

Position: Coordinator II, Korn Learning, Assessment, and Social Skills (KLASS) Center

Job Function:
This is a full-time position with the University of Tennessee Korn Learning, Assessment, and Social Skills Center; FUTURE Program; College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences. This position is responsible for establishing and maintaining activities to develop FUTURE Program design, curriculum, admissions procedures, provide class instruction as needed, and provide day-to-day supervision for the FUTURE Program staff and Graduate Assistants. This position also markets the FUTURE Program and coordinates a job resource bank.

Contact: Send an email to Tom Beeson.

In the Southeast

Open Position at Kennesaw State University, Georgia (Job posted: Aug. 31, 2017)

Position: Internship Advisor

Job Function:
The Internship Advisor will work closely with the Academy staff and associates to develop and oversee the growth of career development opportunities and provide job coaching for students of the Academy for Inclusive Learning. The successful candidate will have prior experience with different intellectual/developmental abilities, and in providing support necessary for both successful employment and academic achievement. Also essential to this position is the ability to provide realistic assessments of opportunities for students and the steps necessary to realize the goals.

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